Logistic, project management, supply and marketing materials.

Comunicacion y marquetingCOMMUNICATION & MARKETING

Communication Plan • Brand Strategy • Creativity • 360 Campaigns • Graphic Design • Corporate Identity • Editorial Design • Merchandising • Digital Marketing • Development of Corporate Websites and Product (B2B, B2C) • Presentation of Projects • Implementation of Programs • Brand Architecture • Event Management


Insulation • Walls and Ceilings • Impermeability • Inventory • Aggregates and Gravel • Cement and Concrete • Brick-Making • Concrete Blocks • Pavement • Coating • Ceramics • Bathroom Equipment • Sanitation • Tap • Bathroom Accessories • Kitchen Equipment


• Interior Study and Design of Spaces Through Study of Design Needs • INTEGRAL Development of Interior Design Programs for Businesses, Commerce and Residential Establishments • Coordination and Management Services • Supervision and Post-sale Services • TURNKEY SERVICE.


Guarantee of a Perfect Finish with Excellent Reproduction of Brand Assets

Unique Finish: Carefully handled, Blow Dried, and Stamped, Using Special Gold, Silver, and Copper Rolling and Screen Printing Inks.

Signage: Commercial Fleet, Franchise, Commercial, and Outdoor Signage.

Digital Printing For Large Formats: Billboards, Banners, Signage, PLV Displays.


Business Suits · Corporate Uniforms · Hospitality · Uniforms · Work Wear Apparel · Labor Protection · Industrial Supplies · Medical Supplies · Electrical Supplies · Plumbing Supplies · Office Supplies · IT Supplies · Consumables · Power and Electrical Equipment · Air Conditioning


• Connected to Alarm Center
• Video Surveillance and Image Recording 24h that is Accessible on Devices and Desktops • Anti Robbery and Theft Systems • Employee Management • People and Vehicle Location • Fire Detection Systems • Control and Access Log • Proximity Fingerprint Systems • Control and Intelligent Management of Homes, Businesses and Buildings • Energy Saving Systems • Smart Alarms and Remote Control • Consulting and Projection.


World Trading focuses its core business in logistics, project management, supply and marketing materials. It has two sub-strategic business units more operating beneath it:

Urban waste management in developing countries

Waste is a problem in developing countries due to high population density. People throw trash in the streets because there is nowhere else to put it. This has led to the proliferation of insects, rodents and pathogenic microorganisms, consequently resulting in diseases that are harmful to humans. An inefficient waste management system causes the deterioration of the environment, polluting the air, water and soil.

World Trading provides solutions:
Waste collection, cleaning, conditioning, storage and use.

Partner in sustainable business projects related to fisheries and aquaculture.

Teaxul is a Science and Technology Applied Research Center.
Xulio César González Álvarez, President of the company, has over 30 years of experience in the research, development and technological innovation field, taking full responsibility to develop sustainable business across the world.

Teaxul currently develops and implements projects related to fisheries and aquaculture in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.

World Trading and Teaxul have joined efforts, utilizing their business skills and connections on the African continent to successfully implement these projects.

Medical and hospital management.

World Trading Medical, , is a Medical Consulting and Construction Company specializing in planning, design and execution of turnkey projects in the following areas:

• Stationary Hospitals, Clinics and Fixed Operating Rooms
• Mobile hospitals and Mobile Medical Units
• Modular Hospitals
• Hospital Renovation
• Camp Installation and Security Systems

Partner in projects related to medical and hospital management.

World Trading Medical, always seeks the best professionals and companies in the sector to work with. For this project, they’ve joined forces with MAZ, providing medical and hospital project management due to its experience in materials management and human resources.

The MAZ Hospital was built in 1976. The total building volume is 110,000 m3 reaching 6 floors and including 2 basement floors underground. There are 120 operating hospital beds, 7 ICU boxes 5 sleep units, with 2 rooms designated for disabled services.